Each Year we take in new rescues. some that are very ill, some that need expensive rehabilitation.


whmr is dedicated to bringing quality horsemanship to people of all income levels AND To provide therapeutic sessions at reduced rates and on a sliding fee basis


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Saving Mustangs and Sharing the Healing Power of Horses since 2005.

In addition to your donation also consider supporting us through Amazon Smile.  It costs you nothing but Amazon will make donations to the programs for the kids and horses.  It's easy. 

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 Any Donation Amount Helps and We Truly Appreciate Your Contribution. 

At certain levels we do offer some perks as listed below.  Please email us if you contribute at any of the levels below so we can fix you up with appropriate gift

  • $50 Includes an 8x10 photo of your choice.
  • $100  includes a Tee Shirt of your choice
  • $1000 Sponsor  A Student Rider for One Year     
    • Includes a personal Meet the Mustangs Tour of ranch
  •  $1500 Sponsor One Horse for One Year             
    • Includes a personal Meet the Mustangs Tour of ranch

Donations are Tax Deductible

Please email for details.   


Help us Help

Horses and Folks with Special Needs

It turns out, horses are expensive

Annual Hay Bill=$8500

Annual Hoof Care Costs=$6240

And then, there are vet bills, hauling bills, equipment bills. It adds up, so we are always grateful to those that pitch in and support.