Please note--if you would like to take a clinic or a private lesson with Alina and her horses, she will be here at the ranch all weekend.  Please email us at

Saturday July 13
Wild Horse Mountain
27400 SW Ladd Hill RD

Sherwood, OR 

Please bring lawn chairs.

Saturday, July 13th-- A rare combination of talent will assemble here at Wild Horse Mountain Ranch. We have accomplished musicians Jim Faddis, Steve Blanchard and Linda Grez. They are a fantastic who play in various bands in the region, but occasionally come together for some fun, high end music.  We are thrilled to have these three. 


Additionally,  Alina Stasik, of the famed Cavalia horse touring company will  be here with her  two trained horses. Alina is a trainer performer with Cavalia and  her accomplishments are beyond what most horse people can dream of!  We will get to see them up close--really close.  It will be a treat to meet her and her  magnificent horses. 


We will have a fundraiser going on at the same time--(the non profit needs to develop a trail system for students and horses) so we will have refreshments and a silent auction, refreshments and The Potter's Vineyard will be here pouring their artisanal wines.  It will be a great evening and we hope you join us. 


Mustangs, Music and Acrobatics!