Mustang Camps 
Learn about Oregon Mustangs, Wild Horses, Wild Horse Gentling and Care.

Students will learn about a beautiful part of Oregon's natural history--the wild horse.  We have horses from many of Oregon's Herd Management Areas at various levels of training. 

Teen Camp (13-18)   
July 9-12   
($325 if paid before June 1)

Youth Camp (8-12)
July 18-19 
($220 if paid before June 1)

 A chance for youth and teens to learn about

  • ‚Äčmustangs

  • Mustang heritage

  • natural Horsemanship  

Summer Camps

Teen Camp (13-18)   
July 10--13   


($280 if paid before June 1)

Youth Camp (8-12)
July 17-20 



($185 if paid before June 1)

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Students will actively work to develop  leadership skills with horses.  Some riding will be taught, but good horsemanship starts from the ground and that is where we start.  Lots of horse snuggling, horse time and instruction comes with the territory

  Youth and Teen Camps 2017