Respect is at the center of all we do. We strive to treat each person and all of the horses with respect--helping each develop their individual abilities in a supportive and consistent environment. We also try to find ways to make sure we are having a lot of fun…

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We have been fortunate to work on rescues and projects that we love. We have been honored with a number of articles over the years.

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We are honored to share a therapeutic horsemanship program with those with special needs.  



Our horses are the core of our program.  They truly are our teachers.  You can join with us in our endeavors. 

Share Mustangs with People with Special Needs Each week we offer sessions for people who can benefit by working with horses--people with diagnosed special needs  such as autism, mobility issues, anxiety and depression and folks who have no diagnosis, but a need to be with animals. 

Rescue, Train, Adopt Mustangs We typically have between 10 and 16 mustangs and burros at our place in various stages of training.  Some are still wild.

Share Mustangs with the Public In the summers we offer Mustang camps for teens, children and adults.  Annually we offer "Meet the Mustangs" Events at the barn with demonstrations, hands-on events and barn tours.  We bring our Mustangs to the  public through parades, expos and site visits.

Seek out and share the best practices in compassionate horsemanship We strive to use  and teach the very best in horsemanship to treat our mustangs right and teach our students the best methods available as they learn to work with horses.

Why we work with horses and people the way we do--

 As we delved deeper into our study of the horse, we found the Northwest to be a treasure trove of rich tradition and wisdom. We read and studied and found all roads seemed to lead back to the work and ideas of the Dorrance brothers and their friend Ray Hunt. We have since committed our study and work with the horse to exploring the tenets of wisdom and respect that is central to the Dorrance/Hunt traditions*. Our horses are better off for it, and we are striving to become the handlers they deserve. It is a win/win. What more can we ask?

*To learn more about the methods of these master horsemen see--

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